Specialist Images of Cosplay &      Re-enactors

Creating realistic images take preperation and planning.


As a serious role player you will most likely have all the costumes and props. If this is so I will discuss in detail the era we are looking to capture and exactly what you wish to get from the shoot.


If not then you will need to rent the costumes and props before the shoot.


My rates are £30ph per individual.

If you need make up and hair then this will be an additional £30ph.

If you would like special effects to help create spectacular images (IE Smoke, Flames, Pyrotechnics, Explosions)then we have the support of Trinity FX. His rates are £30ph with some additional costs for the pyrotechnics depending on what is used.


Included in the price I will edit as many images of the shoot necessary to capture the whole event.

On average, from a typical shoot I will select 10% as being outstanding from the shoot. I work on a quality not quantity policy.

All the images from the shoot will be supplied on a proof sheet for you to choose.


One image high Resolution, suplied on a CD in colour and black and white.

Small images for social media and sharing are also supplied. 

All others are available and supplied at £10 per image.


As above for all individuals plus a group shot of everyone for all as a High Res and small versions for social media and sharing.


All the finished and supplied High Resolution DPI's can be printed at A1 size with ease from any printing retailer. By having the copies you will be able to shop around to get the best prices available from any retailer.

I will also add copies in Black and white (toned to suit the eras where necessary) and small jpeg images for social media, electronic devices and email.


If you book as a group you can split the cost of the make up artist/stylist and special effects to make it more affordable. 


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All images retain the copyright of © Mark Roberts and must not be copied, screen grabbed or used without the express permission of the owner.