Mark H Roberts Photography

About me

I am an experienced photographer based in the Wyre Forest area of Kidderminster, Worcestershire and I have been taking photographs for over 30 years.

I always strive to produce the best for my clients as individuals or the whole family.

I also provide limited edition high quality Wildlife prints I have taken for you to enjoy yourself or give as gifts.



I have over 100 positive reviews on hosting sites for my studio and my photography.

Word of mouth recomendations are my pride and joy. If you doubt my services then please ask for testimonials and I will gladly supply them.

Or you can view the public Testimonials on Facebook.

I am fully insured and everyone at the studio has current DBS checks to ensure your safety, piece of mind and welfare.

My Photography

Forget boring run of the mill white wall photography. This is family and children photography you will cherish for life.

My wildlife work and realistic war images for re-enactors have been published worldwide.

I strive to provide you with the best possible service and quality at an affordable price.



I couldn't produce the work that I do without the full support of my wife and family. I have a small team with a make up artist and hairdresser for the studio work as well as many other creatives including special effects and costume providers to call on for specially created images.

Without their help I could not provide the specialist service I can for you. For that I am grateful.

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