Studio Courses

I run two types of courses,


Basic and Fine art. Details for both are below.


Basic Studio course for only £60ph with a model.


Working in a studio with a model can be daunting. We all get nervous about our ability and think we dont want to make a fool of ourselves. But we all have to start somewhere.

For this reason I am able to offer simple studio sessions to get you going and give you the confidence to start making the most of using a studio.


In the session you will be guided through the basics of studio photography. Camera and light settings and styles of photography you can achieve. It is a full practical session where you will be taking images within 10 minutes of arriving.


Its basically a one to one studio session, with you taking photographs of a model, with a friend looking over your shoulder and teaching you as you go.


In no time at all you will be up and running with the basics. I do the sessions an hour at a time to allow you to learn at your own pace. If you want to learn further then we can go hour by hour to suit.


I cant see the point in bombarding you with a full day for £hundreds and you forgetting what you learned in the first hour by the time you get to the end of the day.


If after the first session you want to take more hours one day at a time then I can look at what you want to achieve before each session and gear the lighting and training to match.


I run the courses on a weekday evening but if you would like another time (during the day or weekends)  then please ask and I will see if this is possible.


Fine Art Course £120


This involves a three hour course for one or two people. The same price applies for two as one, so if you pair up it is £60 each or one on one for £120.


It is half in the studio with a model showing you the lighting techniques, then half on the computer showing the photoshop steps to achive fine art results.


The studio session is full hands on for you, I will show you the settings on the camera and the lights, then we will pick one of your images to edit on the computer.


Bringing a hard drive/memory stick along I will give you brush sets, textures, overlays and the edited image at the end so you can refer back to the editing process.


A complete end to end tutorial.


I run the courses during the weekday evenings but I can change this to suit if needed.


If you want to book a session then click the link below and it will take you through to the contact page.

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